The restaurant is constantly rated as one of the leading and premier dining option in the city for its huge and lip smacking menu. With an abundance of natural light, classy interior, relaxed seating’s all that makes customers feel at home setting at any time of the day.
The Pushkar Holiday restaurants menu is vast and a culinary delight for people visiting there. It offers an extensive array of Indian cuisines and deserts from all over the country. One could find gastronomical delights of Rajasthani, Punjai, South Indian and Gujurati cuisines. It is a great amalgamation of arrays of excellent food easily available and served under one roof.

The chefs at restaurant has got years of expreince in making the dishes that will make your appetite grow more. Customers have choice to choose from the exciting list of menu at the restaurant. One could go for spicy Rajasthani cuisines at the same time can also taste the sweetness of Gujurati food. The Punjabi food and its world famous dishes will leave you craving for more.

The menu there is prepared with the changing trends and evolving food. The chefs keep developing their menu with new dishes and experimenting with the traditional dishes. The ideal way to end a perfect dinner is to taste an assortment of deserts from their menu ranging from traditional Indian delights such as Kheer and Kullfi to ice creams and puddings.